Who AM I

WE take pride in our work

When the sun sets, though, it’s all about the knives. I’ve got a thing for those sharp, trusty blades that make outdoor adventures even more exciting.

Being a true Wisconsinite, I find joy in the simple stuff—campfires, exploring hidden trails, and mastering the art of picking locks. I’ve gathered a bunch of cool tips and tricks along the way, and I love sharing them.

As a webmaster, I’ve created a space where fellow outdoor lovers, knife enthusiasts, and anyone curious about locksmithing can hang out. It’s like a virtual campfire where we swap stories and skills.

I’m a knifemaker by heart 🙂

Mitchell Knives

912 3rd Ave Huntington, Wisconsin 25701

Take time to make things that last

Whether you’re a pro or just starting your journey, I’m pumped to have you here. Let’s explore, chat knives, and unlock some cool secrets together!

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